What to record

All records are valuable from bird watching in your garden to a full day field trip.  If you are carrying out surveys for BTO, AONB, a local farmer or anyone else, please submit any sightings within AONB to us as well.

  • Say where you have seen the birds with a grid reference if possible
    e.g. Top Wath Road, 50 yards on right
  • State the habitat and bird behaviours
    e.g. deciduous woodland, scrub, preening, nest building, feeding young.
  • If you watch a regular patch within the AONB then write a description of the area with a name and its grid reference or other identifying information.  Send the information with your first record and use that name each time you send records in.
  • Please include the number of birds seen at any one time or, if it is difficult to count, give a best estimate of numbers.
  • If you can’t identify a bird clearly but feel it is worth noting then make an annotated sketch and add a description of what you have seen at the foot of the recording page.  If you want to contact the local recorder or someone who can help you identify your sighting, do this as soon as possible.
  • If you want to use a spreadsheet to record your sightings you could use this template .

Where to send your sightings

Please try to send in your sightings once a month to keep the work manageable for the recorder.

If your record of sightings is in the AONB area then send them directly to the recorder at

Your sighting will be added to our records then forwarded to the appropriate District Recorder.

If your record is outside the AONB but within Yorkshire then send your record to the Recorder for that County:


East Yorkshire Geoff Dobbs
West Yorkshire Andy Jowett
South Yorkshire Martin Wells
North Yorkshire Ian Court
County recorder (including rarities) Craig Thomas
Other local recorders
Nosterfield LNR Steve Worwood
Harrogate Nats Stephen Root
Wharfedale Nats

If your record is outside of Yorkshire you can find details of the County Bird Recorder for the area from the BTO web site.


If you need further information you can email